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<div class="row full-margin"><h1>Frequently Asked Questions</h1></div>
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<b><i>Which instance type should I buy?</i></b>
<p>There are no hard rules for this sort of thing, but here are some guidelines:</p>
<p>f1-xs: blog, vpn, bot, cgit</p>
<p>f1-s: a bot, owncloud, gitea, popular blog</p>
<p>f1-m: docker host, build system</p>
<p>f1-l: large webservice, rotund java app</p>
<p>f1-x: gitlab (wow such memory very devops)</p>
<p>f1-xx: something gargantuan</p>
<li id="how-to-log-in">
<b><i>How do I log in?</i></b>
<p>ssh to the ip provided to you using the cyberian user.</p>
<pre class='code'>$ ssh cyberian@</pre>
<p>For more information, see <a href="/about-ssh">Understanding the Secure Shell Protocol (SSH)</a>.</p>
<li id="help-ssh">
<b><i>Help, I still can't log into my capsul!</i></b>
<p>See <a href="/troubleshooting-ssh">Troubleshooting SSH</a>.</p>
<li id="change-to-root-user">
<b><i>How do I change to the root user?</i></b>
<p>The cyberian user has passwordless sudo access by default. This should work:</p>
<pre class='code'>
# Linux
$ sudo su -
# OpenBSD
$ doas su -</pre>
<li id="reverse-dns">
<b><i>Do you offer reverse DNS?</i></b>
<p>We do, but right now it's a manual process. Shoot us an email and we'll get it done.</p>
<b><i>What if I don't pay / don't maintain my payments?</i></b>
<p>Your VM will eventually be deleted.
Capsul will send you a few inoffensive reminders as that termination date approaches.
<b><i>Besides my virtual machines and payments, what information do you keep about me?</i></b>
<p>We associate an email address with every VM so that we can track payment and respond to support requests.</p>
<p>If you pay with a credit card, Stripe stores some additional details about you that we literally cannot delete.</p>
<li id="what-can-do-with-my-vm">
<b><i>What can I do with my VM?</i></b>
<p>Make it into a mailserver, a tor relay, a VPN host, whatever you'd like - we do have one small request, though.</p>
<p>Crypto mining on capsul is currently considered obnoxious behavior, because the hashrates on our CPUs is so low and because mining crypto consumes entire processor cores that could have otherwise been shared between many dozens of other users.</p>
<p>In the future, if we have plentiful CPU resources, we may come out with a tier more suitable for mining - maybe a high cpu tier or similar, where each VM gets a full dedicated core and sharing them is not anticipated.</p>
<p>We will never snoop on your traffic or inspect what's going on inside of our customer virtual machines - we don't want to. We hope that you'll extend us a similar courtesy and try not to use too much of our shared CPU resources. Capsul is currently a shared (resource-wise) world, and we all must live in it together!</p>
<p>Also, mandatory: our systems exist within the USA, and as such those systems are bound by US law.</p>
<li id="recovery">
<b><i>Can you recover my passwords/insert new keys?</i></b>
<p>Can we? Technically yes. Will we? No, never. It would violate the trust that our users have in us.
We have no interest in touching client VMs after they're running.
We promise to keep your machines running smoothly.
If you lose access to your VM, that's on you.</p>
<li id="refunds">
<b><i>Do you offer refunds?</i></b>
<p>Not now, but email us and we can probably figure something out.</p>
<li id="physical-location">
<b><i>Where do the VMs run? Is it on a machine that you guys own/control?</i></b>
<p>Capsul runs on a server named Baikal which Cyberia built from scratch & mailed to a datacenter
in Georgia called CyberWurx. CyberWurx staff installed it for us in a rack space that
Cyberia pays for. </p>
<li id="support">
<b><i>Do you offer support?</i></b>
<p>Yep, see <a href="/support">our support page</a>.</p>
<li id="sla">
<b><i>Do you have an SLA?</i></b>
<p>No, but we normally respond pretty quickly.</p>
<li id="new-features">
<b><i>Will you implement feature X?</i></b>
<p>Maybe! Email <a href="mailto:ops@cyberia.club">ops@cyberia.club</a> and ask us about it.</p>
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