💊 capsul.org cloud compute service - python flask web application
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Simple, fast, private compute by <a href="https://cyberia.club">https://cyberia.club</a><br/><br/>
Spin up your choice of virtual machine by sending an email. <br/><br/>
<li>Simply log in with your email address </li>
<li>All root disks are backed up at no charge</li>
<li>All storage is fast, local, and solid-state</li>
<li>All network connections are low latency</li>
<li>Supported by amazing volunteers from Cyberia</li>
<li>Upfront prices, no confusing billing</li>
<li>A Minnesota non-profit organization that will never exploit you</li>
<li>We donate a portion of our proceeds to likeminded hacker groups around the globe</li>
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