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forest 41fee9062c remove spurious warning: shortterm capsuls that were already deleted 3 weeks ago
forest b6765419bd fix typo in readme 4 weeks ago
forest fac5a5c4ea dont uppercase the capsul id on the detail page 1 month ago
forest e4a5a27050 layout fix 1 month ago
forest 5641b22246 switch over to spawning new capsuls on public2 network 1 month ago
forest d2f41a1be3 document aiohttp client header parser 8kb limit 1 month ago
forest 4dadab60d8 fix duplicate broadcast message issue 1 month ago
forest dd1d9cff2b add pipenv trouble shooting notes 1 month ago
forest 94cd846355 cleanup capacity-available 1 month ago
forest 0cb2731876 fix capacity-available with virsh net-dhcp-leases 1 month ago
forest 01f16019ff whoops, fix backwards filter condition 1 month ago
forest 9868460b9c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into main 1 month ago
forest 7d113991a1 redact emails & only report OOB accounts that have an active vm 1 month ago
Loïc Dachary 95e3cffb86 s/postrges/postgres/ 1 month ago
forest 1376525c9e admin broadcast message feature 1 month ago
forest 83b8d67a86 billing while stopped warning on are you sure screen 2 months ago
forest 6741eba404 add notification email for accounts with extreme negative balances 2 months ago
forest 51da38e176 inform users that they will still be billed for stopped capsuls 2 months ago
forest aa03c00fb1 fix exception on vms missing IP addresses 3 months ago
forest 6c57e45cdd fixing bugs in btcpay server down detection 3 months ago
forest 32cb14f979 improve BTCPay server down detection and handling 3 months ago
forest 2f9d941796 add metrics integration to docs 3 months ago
forest 318e24a093 style changes and introducing /add-ssh-key-to-existing-capsul 3 months ago
forest 5167b3a5f3 psycopg2 not all arguments converted during string formatting 3 months ago
forest 520e153180 oops fix wrong default value in migration 3 months ago
forest 45c1280889 fix typo 3 months ago
forest 4b54aa4075 check_if_shortterm_flag_can_be_unset on capsul deletion 3 months ago
forest a177418268 fix verbaige 4 months ago
forest ec0d3b1740 short-term and long-term capsuls 4 months ago
forest 2279f17a7f ignore forests baikal notes 4 months ago
forest 3f9f71cac3 update about-ssh verbaige 4 months ago
forest af671355fc comment out public_ipv4 on create for now as it's not used yet 5 months ago
forest 2606246420 comment out public_ipv4 on create for now as it's not used yet 5 months ago
forest 4d2c74c1d8 oops, fix copy and paste error (check ipv4 != "") 5 months ago
forest cd26fcec5d skip assigning IP on creation and add back update_vm_ip for now 5 months ago
forest 2941ec6cd5 fix wording on troubleshooting-ssh page 5 months ago
forest a75400c42c capsul detail page tweaks 5 months ago
forest e2df0095d1 add ssh troubleshooting guide 5 months ago
forest f30cc15870 update ssh article 5 months ago
forest 57eec21cf3 changelog updates 5 months ago
forest b013f9c975 crontask: monitor db vs virt model of all capsuls like admin panel 5 months ago
forest 5637da73ec desired_state column to be updated when the user starts/stops vm 5 months ago
forest 75b5b82c28 remove monero sync warning now that all blockchains are synced 5 months ago
forest 4f3c0e41aa handle case where btcpay server does not return JSON 5 months ago
forest 0dff3bad07 fix order of operations bug 5 months ago
j3s 665d42d7ee Sort operating systems alphabetically 5 months ago
j3s 22e877dc3d Update debian, alpine, add rockylinux 5 months ago
forest cac0a652ab Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into main 5 months ago
forest b009607714 update TOS and privacy policy links 5 months ago
j3s 932e29b799 Merge pull request 'Add missing closing-parens for f1-x' (#26) from techieb0y/capsul-flask:techieb0y-faq-wording into main 5 months ago