422 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
forest fbe9c7fca4 fix last IP address hanging off the end of the display on admin page 12 months ago
forest 6bdb133153 make admin display work better on phones 12 months ago
forest b459e56f3a use the provided network_name when creating a capsul 12 months ago
forest be54117736 migration 17: network_name -> virtual_bridge_name, add network_name col 12 months ago
forest aaf33a245b point capsul at new public3/virbr3 network 12 months ago
forest ad9c3476c7 simplify cidr block logic a little bit 12 months ago
forest fcbea1e29b fixing capsul creation after I broke it with the pre-allocated IP 12 months ago
forest a2f2e744e4 MAIL_USE_TLS=False, MAIL_USE_SSL=True defaults 12 months ago
forest 79ef90c380 hub allocate capsul IP addr when the create operation is being claimed 12 months ago
forest c216c5b992 adjust admin display 12 months ago
forest 47cdb0c7e6 hotfix support MAIL_USE_SSL 12 months ago
forest 74d77224f7 finishing touches and fixes on managed IPs database migration 16 12 months ago
forest 862b14545b more managed ips work: cli sql improvements, added admin panel 12 months ago
forest e685c8a773 start working on managed IPs 12 months ago
forest 1e19902df1 fix syntax error and beeteeceepae2 warning formatting 12 months ago
forest a08edd870f add beeteeceepae2 message to btcpay launch page & cleanup 12 months ago
forest a42d35be51 more fixing default values for quick start 1 year ago
forest fdab832268 explain how to give yourself money when doing quickstart 1 year ago
forest bdabd61057 fix defaults for running locally and make email server not required. 1 year ago
forest 3cb6992359 don't crash if btcpay key is invalid: log warning msg 1 year ago
forest ebf338eb12 don't crash if btcpay key is invalid 1 year ago
j3s e6cba96d2d Correct default email settings 1 year ago
j3s 6f265f5c8a Move back to public1 for more availability 1 year ago
j3s e23dd7f776 Move to public2, more free space 1 year ago
forest 961bb4976b remove newlines and strip content first before parsing ssh key name 1 year ago
forest 4590671984 improve invalid ssh key name error message 1 year ago
forest e3e1059ba1 allow colons in ssh key names 1 year ago
forest 9d6fe075b0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 1 year ago
forest 71db4b3333 allow colons in ssh key comments and adjust ssh key whitespace handling 1 year ago
j3s 525de7450e Correct ip detection logic, flip network to public1 (capacity issues) 1 year ago
forest 46a691b876 temporarily disable serializable transactions 1 year ago
forest c623c65fda Limit the utilization of serializable transactions 1 year ago
forest 107a5fc659 attempting to fix "can't look up exception for http status 200" 1 year ago
forest 8717ad477e Revert "fix postgres serializable transaction" 1 year ago
forest 1136e2436b baikal memory upgrade and patchign to changelog 1 year ago
forest 6eb959bd12 Revert "Add notice" 1 year ago
forest 0a70ea8a95 fix postgres serializable transaction 1 year ago
j3s 7f5b431364 Add notice 1 year ago
j3s 040c36bbaf Adjust capacity warning to 20GB 1 year ago
forest a09c82ecfc Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 1 year ago
forest 0320bb5e29 fix potential exceptions in error handler 1 year ago
forest b32db058f0 fix http session being used inside hub model 1 year ago
j3s ca0f9d1a41 Remove ssh host key spacing 1 year ago
j3s c8dd3d2e80 Correct ssh pubkey spacing 1 year ago
forest 70628039c4 fix wrong var name 1 year ago
forest 88905b944d clean up massive onliner 1 year ago
forest fa0ddad5f5 fix missing paren 1 year ago
forest 2cca908d79 add to changelog 1 year ago
forest 1de0388df2 fine-tuning vm list page ip display depending on state 1 year ago
forest 5d3dbac9ba fixing more bash issues 1 year ago