100 Commits (672ff49d6d79f13d2574396bf65d8ac9d9997ee3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
forest 672ff49d6d implement content-security-policy, static assets cache bust, and fix 2 years ago
forest 5a080fe1c5 correctly decode output from list-ids.sh 2 years ago
forest f74a361c5f log inconsistency warning email 2 years ago
forest e2c51d067e implement ensure_vms_and_db_are_synced in cron task and add default 2 years ago
forest 2f55ce904e set schema version on guix notready schema downgrade 2 years ago
forest b30f86f7d0 update readme to explain how to use .env file 2 years ago
j3s 4b9d56f610 Clarify some common workflow confusion 2 years ago
j3s 7f3fb8b898 Guixsd -> Guix 2 years ago
j3s f0b262f0b1 Bump desired schema version 2 years ago
j3s f91fa9a1a4 Deprecate GuixSD for now 2 years ago
j3s e3f4de214c Strip out deleted VMs before passing them to shell scripts 2 years ago
j3s 773aa78ac4 Switch shellscripts to customer pool 2 years ago
forest 5a4c67d202 WHERE deprecated = FALSE os_images 2 years ago
forest f448dd8bac UPDATE schemaversion SET version = 3; 2 years ago
forest af16ef89d1 add deprecated column for os_images 2 years ago
forest 7a478b7ab1 read config properly 2 years ago
j3s cf9d9605b3 Merge branch 'master' of giit.cyberia.club:~forest/capsul-flask 2 years ago
j3s fdc2394f83 Add OpenBSD 6.7 2 years ago
forest 86da60aa0d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 2 years ago
forest 5b5c752e1a make VIRTUALIZATION_MODEL configurable 2 years ago
j3s 36fa867002 Add OpenBSD 6.7 migrate scripts 2 years ago
j3s 8962345fd2 Merge branch 'master' of giit.cyberia.club:~forest/capsul-flask 2 years ago
j3s 5b8f62a16c Correct regex with non-wildcard, always check name 2 years ago
forest 17c559123c readme explain \n in BTCPAY_PRIVATE_KEY 2 years ago
forest 496db2bb06 add new tables to 02_down migration script 2 years ago
forest 633e2907df changelog: 2020-05-16: Beta version of new Capsul web application 2 years ago
forest bb90738fde libvirtd_domain_info_maximum_memory_bytes 2 years ago
forest 62a062fff2 fix bug when created query string is not present 2 years ago
forest 684128361c correctly display vm_months 2 years ago
forest 4b169e9886 implement bill for at least 24 hours 2 years ago
forest 4f002458b3 adjust memory metric query 2 years ago
forest 5c1a977a87 remove query string XSS from login token 2 years ago
forest e3a2e8eee4 fine-tuning the create-capsul experience 2 years ago
forest 321a46d77b add ecdsa to the pipfile 2 years ago
forest 27c7f28e53 remove test data 2 years ago
forest 2b04463e4e switch to polling for btcpay payment sessions because btcpay web hooks 2 years ago
forest 155b0d579a print invoice 2 years ago
forest be8cfee3c3 add more logs to btcpay webhook 2 years ago
j3s 7448cd90da Properly decode output of create and destroy 2 years ago
j3s 942d629d6e Decode bytes to string before comparing with regex 2 years ago
j3s 60a8f34a9b Invert get.sh name check, don't use -v and -q together. 2 years ago
j3s 109e57ffc9 Correct template match regex 2 years ago
j3s 539fded22d Correct comparison type, add more verbose error 2 years ago
j3s 7a6ba7675c Pass additional_ram_bytes as a string 2 years ago
j3s 7ffdd7546d Make all shell scripts executable 2 years ago
forest 26340f118f trying to fix logging 2 years ago
forest 3bd9d24a97 support dotenv impls that break on multiline strings 2 years ago
forest 5edc526c79 remove broken unneeded code from bitpay 2 years ago
forest 2bfd3787e9 remove broken unneeded code from bitpay 2 years ago
forest e9dcf80f6c btcpay working! added bitpay client code to source tree to fix a bug 2 years ago