small fixes during first ever official development environment build-out #43

forest wants to merge 7 commits from development into main

7 Commits

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forest f862694c86 fix terminated due to nonpayment related billing bug
It messed up billing information for an account resulting in an epically
massive negative account balance -- every single vm was marked as
existing from its time of creation until the time the account ran out of
funds --  the "deleted" timestamps of many many capsuls were moved far
into the future,  thus dramatically expanding the amount of money billed
for those capsuls
2022-11-03 11:34:43 -05:00
forest 29d60722c2 fix start script to enable resuming vms 2022-10-10 13:46:55 -05:00
forest 5441b9fbe8 add kvm-ok to docs 2022-10-10 13:46:39 -05:00
forest 95800620c2 fix: ensure ip arg is a string 2022-10-05 19:18:55 -05:00
forest bb2ea35719 fix missing functools 2022-10-05 19:17:38 -05:00
forest 0383ed91b6 docs enhancements made during dev env setup 2022-10-05 19:13:47 -05:00
forest 46cf692653 fix can_claim_create non lexicographic number comparison issue 2022-10-05 19:13:17 -05:00