💊 capsul.org cloud compute service - python flask web application
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import re
import traceback
from datetime import datetime
from flask import current_app
from typing import List
class OnlineHost:
def __init__(self, id: str, url: str):
self.id = id
self.url = url
# I decided to just use dict everywhere instead because I have to use dict to read it from json
# class SSHHostKey:
# def __init__(self, key_type=None, content=None, sha256=None):
# self.key_type = key_type
# self.content = content
# self.sha256 = sha256
class VirtualMachine:
def __init__(self, id, host, ipv4=None, ipv6=None, state="unknown", ssh_host_keys: List[dict] = list()):
self.id = id
self.host = host
self.ipv4 = ipv4
self.ipv6 = ipv6
self.state = state
self.ssh_host_keys = ssh_host_keys
class VirtualizationInterface:
def capacity_avaliable(self, additional_ram_bytes: int) -> bool:
def get(self, id: str) -> VirtualMachine:
def get_all_by_id(self) -> dict:
def create(self, email: str, id: str, template_image_file_name: str, vcpus: int, memory: int, ssh_authorized_keys: list):
def destroy(self, email: str, id: str):
def vm_state_command(self, email: str, id: str, command: str):
def net_set_dhcp(self, email: str, host_id: str, network_name: str, macs: list, remove_ipv4: str, add_ipv4: str):
def validate_capsul_id(id):
if not re.match(r"^(cvm|capsul)-[a-z0-9]{10}$", id):
raise ValueError(f"vm id \"{id}\" must match \"^capsul-[a-z0-9]{{10}}$\"")
def authorized_as_hub(headers):
if headers.get('Authorization'):
auth_header_value = headers.get('Authorization').replace("Bearer ", "")
return auth_header_value == current_app.config["HUB_TOKEN"]
return False
def get_account_balance(vms, payments, as_of):
vm_cost_dollars = 0.0
for vm in vms:
vm_months = get_vm_months_float(vm, as_of)
vm_cost_dollars += vm_months * float(vm["dollars_per_month"])
payment_dollars_total = float( sum(map(lambda x: 0 if x["invalidated"] else x["dollars"], payments)) )
return payment_dollars_total - vm_cost_dollars
average_number_of_days_in_a_month = 30.44
def get_vm_months_float(vm, as_of):
end_datetime = vm["deleted"] if vm["deleted"] else as_of
days = float((end_datetime - vm["created"]).total_seconds())/float(60*60*24)
# y / m / d
date_when_minimum_run_time_was_changed_to_one_hour = datetime(2022, 2, 7)
if vm["created"] > date_when_minimum_run_time_was_changed_to_one_hour:
one_hour_in_days = float(1)/float(24)
if days < one_hour_in_days:
days = one_hour_in_days
if days < 1:
days = float(1)
return days / average_number_of_days_in_a_month
def my_exec_info_message(exec_info):
traceback_result = traceback.format_tb(exec_info[2])
if isinstance(traceback_result, list):
traceback_result = "\n".join(traceback_result)
return f"{exec_info[0].__module__}.{exec_info[0].__name__}: {exec_info[1]}: {traceback_result}"