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{% block title %}Changelog{% endblock %}
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<div class="row full-margin"><h1>CHANGELOG</h1></div>
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<li>2021-03-21: Baikal host machine recieved regular operating system updates and had additional RAM installed</li>
<li>2021-02-17: Added support for capsul states: starting, running, stopped, etc</li>
<li>2021-02-16: Web Application downtime to deploy initial multi-host support</li>
<li>2021-01-19: Add Alpine Linux 3.13 support</li>
<li>2021-01-14: Add Guix System 1.2.0 support, thanks to jgart, ryanprior, and raghavgururajan</li>
<li>2020-10-29: Add OpenBSD 6.8 and Alpine 3.12 support, remove previous versions</li>
<li>2020-10-23: Automate VM build system (backend)</li>
<li>2020-10-22: Re-worked FAQ, added more supporting docs</li>
<li>2020-05-16: Beta version of new Capsul web application</li>
<li>2020-05-04: Simplified payment page</li>
<li>2020-04-26: Support link added</li>
<li>2020-04-17: OpenBSD support added</li>
<li>2020-03-25: Network limits made public</li>
<li>2020-03-22: Alpine support added</li>
<li>2020-03-10: Capsul site goes live</li>
<li>2020-03-10: CVM name changed to Capsul</li>
<li>2020-03-07: CVM goes live</li>
<li>2020-02-26: Re-prepping docs</li>
<li>2020-01-31: Prepping docs</li>
<li>2020-01-30: Baikal ownership transferred to Cyberia Computer Club</li>
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