86 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
j3s 2bad4a31c7 truncate machine-id instead of deleting it 2 months ago
j3s e8b2ba2bc5 Delete machine-id 🤦 2 months ago
j3s 84bdb1f088 kill arch build on purpose for testing purposes 2 months ago
j3s 8ed3f37db7 Add openbsd .ssh dir 6 months ago
j3s 83a84296b8 It liiiiives! 6 months ago
j3s 26f34e7a7b Correct arch 6 months ago
j3s a557c26228 Add OpenBSD chroot build 6 months ago
j3s 5508e7f09e Update + fix build.yamls 6 months ago
j3s 85caaef017 Move sr.ht yaml files from ops-hb to capsul-images 6 months ago
Peter Corbett ddf75b235f Update for Debian Bullseye (11) 6 months ago
Peter Corbett 97c0937c91 Add RockyLinux cloud image 6 months ago
j3s 7b1dada2f7 Add openNIC nameservers for archlinux 6 months ago
j3s 81b15bd572 bump readme 6 months ago
j3s c553e6713f add sleep 11 months ago
j3s b1cc279016 Arch Linux fixes: console, mount, wait until boot 11 months ago
j3s 82f1e8c49a No root loginz 11 months ago
j3s a30f2d9a12 Add arch support 11 months ago
j3s e3a494aff6 Add GPL3 license 11 months ago
jgart e3d0193eba Bump guixsystem to 1.3.0 11 months ago
j3s 44bac99690 increase timeout to 20 mins 1 year ago
j3s 29c5454d94 add openbsd 6.9 1 year ago
j3s b990664156 Fix OpenBSD 6.8 1 year ago
j3s 52a9a7b37c add coreos 1 year ago
j3s 57222c077c add alpine 3.13 1 year ago
j3s 2824838514 .... 1 year ago
j3s 23ca7f5ed3 reorg stuff, fix authkeys 1 year ago
j3s 9848bb0870 * 1 year ago
j3s c88ade5924 grr 1 year ago
j3s 05f1e3f629 make ssh timeout longer (builds be slow) 1 year ago
j3s ffac4d8d13 boot_wait intensifies 1 year ago
j3s 46108fc091 chmod after move idiot 1 year ago
j3s 879093cdba self-destruct capsul-init, add ssh module to stage 1 1 year ago
j3s 54df4802c5 fix minor bugs 1 year ago
j3s 7da8654921 add mcron config 1 year ago
j3s c6492ffbaf use stripped version of openssh 1 year ago
j3s db47d3a9db add new introduction, remove misc utilities, remove predictable passwords 1 year ago
j3s 8bcbd7e239 clarify config meanings 1 year ago
j3s e0783243dc Prepare for working session with the guix geeks 1 year ago
j3s d3e7eaa2cd revise name 2 years ago
j3s d12467a593 non verbose 2 years ago
j3s 7c96608403 Add openbee ess dee 2 years ago
j3s c0aa59345d add ubuntu 2 years ago
j3s 90fe57227e Add centos 2 years ago
j3s cc9757991f gitkeep 2 years ago
j3s a70ecab8bf wget 2 years ago
j3s a58aa6128d make build exec 2 years ago
j3s 72f4641447 add debian 2 years ago
j3s 5ee3104274 patch to support versions 2 years ago
j3s 30a2926406 thisisintentional 2 years ago
j3s be23a439f8 Correct REPO_THING 2 years ago