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| Requesting a reimbursement from the treasurer (cass) |
| Requesting a reimbursement from the treasurer |
In line with our philosophy of simplicity, privacy, and
accessibility, the process for requesting a reimbursement
is designed to be straightforward and informal.
Page has been moved! Chase that 💰💰💰💵🤑💎💰💰💰 to
the <a href=""> treasury</a>!
Here is the process if you want to buy something < $200:
| Step 1: Make the purchase with your own money |
| |
| Step 2: Make copies of any receipts/proof of purchase |
| |
| Step 3: Reach out to cass and tell him you would like |
| to be reimbursed. (<a href="">Email</a>, <a href="tel:6083401056">signal</a>, or <a href="">matrix</a> all work) |
If the purchase is in line with our budget, mission and
values then your reimbursement will be approved, and
funds sent to you in whatever form you prefer.
| To be safe, its best to reach out to beforehand and |
| ask if the purchase is eligible for reimbursement. Its|
| not necessary that you do so, but it removes the risk |
| of you purchasing something and then having your |
| request denied. |
Some things that are probably eligible for reimbursement
* Website domains for cyberia projects or services
* Hardware for cyberia projects or services
* Expenses related to a cyberia hosted event
Please note that when you go through this process you
are acting as a representative of the club, and making
a purchase for the club. The stuff you buy becomes the
clubs property and our collective responsibility.
If you are unable to make the purchase yourself, reach
out! It may be possible for someone else to make the
purchase or for the funds to be transferred to you
Congress is the chief decision making body for the
club, it holds ultimate authority over the purse
strings. As the treasurer I only have access to $200 of
discretionary spending, so if you want to purchase
something for more then $200, then your best option is
to make a proposal at our next congress meeting. You can
also make a proposal at our next congress meeting if
your request for a reimbursement is denied.