privileged automation agent (mirror of
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package objectStorage
import (
type ObjectStoragerMeta struct {
Client ObjectStorager
Initializing bool
Description string
Err error
type ObjectStorageFileInfo struct {
Name string
LastModified time.Time
IsDirectory bool
type ObjectStorageFile struct {
Name string
LastModified time.Time
Content []byte
type ObjectStorageKey struct {
Name string
PathPrefix string
Read bool
Write bool
Delete bool
List bool
type ObjectStorager interface {
CreateIfNotExists() error
CreateAccessKeyIfNotExists(key ObjectStorageKey) ([]configuration.Credential, error)
List(key string) ([]ObjectStorageFileInfo, error)
Get(key string) (file ObjectStorageFile, notFound bool, err error)
Put(key string, value []byte) error
Delete(key string) error