BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
btcpaycomment out btcpayserverforest5 months
clickthrough-queryset clickthroughQuery on some alerts as an exampleforest5 months
forestfix redirect urlforest10 months
masteradd time-interval-24h to postgres backup pipelineforest2 weeks
more-cert-expiry-metricsremove syslog, accidentally left in thereforest5 months
vault-wipadd disable_mlock to reduce memory usageforest3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-08-27fix redirect urlforestforest
2020-08-27redirect to matrix service page when a user hits https://homeserver_urlforest
2020-08-27Add cyberian authkey controlansible_admin
2020-08-27Flip localhost to leckieansible_admin
2020-08-27remove test file, move ansible_user to inventoryansible_admin
2020-08-20Just adding a testing script, to confirm proper server cofiguartionansible_admin
2020-08-09301 -> 302, ensure root location blocksroot
2020-07-28update readmeroot
2020-07-28Add plantdaddy to opsroot
2020-07-08Add hygiene siteroot