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~-~-~- cyberia voting system -~-~-~

(or cvs for short)

the cyberia voting system is a set of tools intended to be used by the secretary
to tally votes for a given thing. following the debian project, it uses the
[condercet method]( for voting,
and the [schulze method]( to select
a winner.

there are a few components:

=== polld ===

polld is a daemon that runs a website that can be used for the following purposes:

- make a temporary poll
- view the results of a given poll

polld makes no attempt to store data and all data within it is considered
ephemeral. to permanently store the results of a poll, just copy+paste the poll
results page (it's all plaintext) also note that polld simply allows users to
rank items and submit those rankings + their name, it makes no attempts to
determine the winner of a given poll.

=== make a poll page examples ===


welcome to the polld page lolz

poll name: _____
poll options (1 per line): _____
[SUBMIT] (submits a POST)

=== respond to a poll page example ===


poll name: <name>
<box with options that are drag-able>
[SUBMIT] (submits a POST)

=== results page example ===


poll name = determine the space name
poll options = c-lab, layer zero, cyberia
j3s = layer zero, c-lab
starless =

=== determine-winner ===

name TBD

can be run against a results page or plaintext to determine
the ranking / winner of a given vote. for example:

run it:
./determine-winner https://polld.example.url/randomlygeneratedid/results
./determine-winner poll-results.txt