🐱 a small & simple & easy to hack on kitty robot for matrix 🐱
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🐱 nekobot

a humble kitty roboto

how to develop

# this starts nekobot in local dev mode
go run main.go

writing scripts

write a program in bash, python, perl, etc. with a proper #! header and save it in the scripts/ directory. it will be made executable automatically when nekobot starts.

to format the output inside a monospaced text block in matrix (for ascii art, perhaps), exit your script with exit code 42. nekobot will see this and will kindly format the text for you!

connect it to matrix

first, set up proper variables for nekobot:

# use whatever user you want! can even be from different homeserver
# token can be found in element at settings -> help -> advanced -> token
# room IDs can be found under settings -> advanced -> internal room id
export NEKO_MATRIX_URL="https://matrix.cyberia.club"
export NEKO_MATRIX_USER="@yourbot:cyberia.club"
export NEKO_MATRIX_TOKEN="yourbots-token"
export NEKO_MATRIX_ROOM="!WAoLCYOOyceAxMaFYU:cyberia.club"

then, start the bot:

go run main.go