How I use node red to send messages to mastadon
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How I use node red to send messages to mastadon

I use to bridge mastadon / twitter.


  1. local server (i use yunohost) running:
  2. synapse
  3. mautrix-signal
  4. node-red with matrix and mastadon integrations

Once you've setup the above, download the flows.json file and import it into node red. configure it to match your setup.


The blue box listens for all messages in a specific room. "switch" box checks if the message contains either @post or @mail, directs flows accordingly. the next two boxes do some processing to remove stuff like timestamps and other meta data. for mastadon I added a five minute wait counter, after that the message gets sent to mastadon.


  • finish mail flow to make it easier to send email.
  • Add a @kill trigger from the first swtich to cancel all pending messages
  • have bot echo back to the room the message its going to send, and ping room again ~10 seconds before sending.
  • see if its possible to get the resulting link from twitter / mastadon when posted