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curated digital literature hub for Layer Zero


  • books
  • short stories
  • poetry
  • essays
  • zines
  • articles
  • field manuals
  • research papers

subject matter

  • permacomputing
  • left anarchism
  • local organizing
  • racial & disability justice
  • gender self-determination

curation process

email me with a piece of content along with a brief description/synopsis/review in your own words. or you can add it yourself! ;3


for now at least, this will only be accessible from within the LZ LAN/tailnet. this is because:

  • it is less likely to attract unwanted attention and/or get shut down due to copyright
  • making everything free feels a bit icky, at least for stuff by indie authors
  • it makes for an enticing perk of visiting the space.

perhaps down the road there could be a public and private component to it.

site sections

the site will be made of a few smaller components, with abridged previews or links to them on the main page.

calibre server

route: /catalogue

there will be a calibre server running on this machine that can be accessed by anyone on the LAN/tailnet. there will be a read-only frontend on the site that allows you to browse it and download stuff. similar to a bookstore: organized by genre, highly rated/recommended things prominently displayed within each.

mirrors of web articles and zines

route: /mirrors

highly encourage donating to (or otherwise supporting) zine authors, with their links prominently displayed.

stored as yaml: hyperlinks.yml -{unmarshal}-> go struct -{template}-> html


  • cyberia.css
  • ascii art wrapped in <pre/> blocks with alt-text for accessibility

name ideas

  • xanadu (an homage to Project Xanadu, also referenced in SEL)
  • library zero

ascii art

      _ _
 .-. | | |
 |T|r| | | \\
 |H|t|M|Z|  \\      "Bookshelf" by
 | |!| | |   \>     David S. Issel
/_/ |
| |/|
|^| |